Rooney Frontman A Big ELO Fan

Robert Carmine of chatted with Get Real Detroit and admitted to being a big fan of ELO. “I use to wake up every morning to ‘Telephone Line’ playing in the other room; it was my brother’s wake up music,” Carmine explained. “So I would hear that song, then I borrowed his CD and got into it. I really like ELO, but when I listen to earlier music, I see where ELO gets their stuff from. I mean, even just listening to the Beatles, Jeff Lynne is a huge John Lennon fan, and you can here it. Like ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ is totally a Beatles song, but it’s great. What I love about Jeff Lynne most is his production; he makes good sounding records and he has little tricks that he uses, his little quick harmonies. Taylor, in my band, he plays lead guitar, I got him into ELO and he loves the harmonies.” has since removed the article.

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