Rollins Says It Was Easy Getting Corey Taylor Contribution chatted with about his new album ‘Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs To Benefit The West Memphis Three’ which hits stores today. Slipknot/Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor is featured on the album, and Rollins talked about hooking up with Taylor. “It was one phone call,” Rollins said that took him to convince Taylor to sign on. “I just got his number, called Corey direct at his house and said, ‘Hey, this is Henry Rollins,’ and at first he thought it was a crank phone call. And he went, ‘No way.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m a friend of Sean E. I’m sitting with him now’; this guy Sean E. who helped us. I said, ‘I got your number and I need your help on this record. And he flipped out. He’s like, ‘This is really you?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah man,’ so I said, ‘I really need those big pipes on this song,’ and he just said, ‘Yes,’ immediately.”

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