Rollins Playing Black Flag, But As A ‘Cover Band’

Michael Deeds of The Idaho Statesman spoke with who is on tour performing nothing but Black Flag songs with his Rollins Band and another ex-Flag vocalist, Keith Morris. “We’re a cover band,” Rollins explained. “We’re not calling it Black Flag. Because in my opinion, Black Flag is Keith Morris and Robo and Chuck Dukowski and Greg Ginn. That’s Black Flag. Black Flag to me is the ‘Nervous Breakdown’ EP.” Rollins added that the only way he’d do a tour playing Black Flag music would be if it was a benefit tour, as this is. Rollins hopes to earn about $100,000 from this tour, which will be donated to lawyers for new, more sophisticated DNA testing in an appeal process, and his specific support for the West Memphis Three getting “due process.”

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