Rock’s Bon Jovi Captures Country Fans

A song Jon wrote along with Bon Jovi band-mate Richie Sambora, ‘Who Says You Can’t Go Home’, hit the top spot on the country charts and stayed there for two weeks. It was the first time a rock crossover hit had ever gone that high on country’s lists. “(It was) the ‘Good Ole Bon Jovi Boy Band,'” Bon Jovi joked Monday with co-anchor Julie Chen of ‘The Early Show’. “It’s a nice little accolade, isn’t it?” Bon Jovi observed. “It’s a good story to tell your kids some day, and to tell your mother and father when they said, you know, country music was the way to go, not rock music. All that kind of, ‘Can’t hear the lyrics, what are you saying?’ stuff.” Read more.

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