Rocket From The Crypt Stays True To Having Fun

Scott Batiuk of San Diego CityBeat caught up with Rocket from the Crypt frontman John Reis and suggested that there seems to be less and less fanfare with each album. Is that intentional. “Yeah, I think so,” Reis admits. “We’ve always prided ourselves on staying true to what we’re about, which is having fun and playing the music that we want to play… I’m not saying I hate [the fanfare and marketing aspects], but some things take away from the process, and so I prefer to do things a little bit more without the bullsh**. The Hot Snakes record was an eye-opener… [it] sold amazingly well based on word of mouth, which is the most compelling kind of force I think you can have—to get someone to buy your record because a friend of theirs is digging it.” Read more.

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