Rockers Reveal The Origins Of Their Most Famous Lyrics

Rockers revealed the origins of their most famous lyrics to, including frontman Joe Elliott who explained the ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ lyric: “Love is like a bomb, baby, come and get it on.” He says, “That was me translating gobbly-gook off Mutt [producer, Lange]’s machine. We didn’t have any lyrics, and we just sang Martian, as he called it, and swapped tapes and translated whatever noises we’d make. The first thing I heard sounded like ‘love is like a bomb.’ It turns out it wasn’t, but that set the whole thing off. And then we said, ‘OK, that’s a Marc Bolan song, that’s a T Rex lyric.’ And that’s where we went with it. That was not relevant to sugar — it was relevant to something else.”

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