Rockers On Recall

Several rock acts weighed in on the California recall and the showdown between governor Gray Davis and actor/bodybuilder turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. of the Sex Pistols remarked, “You’ve got Arnold Schwarzenegger now running for some kind of government thing. Isn’t this telling you something? If you’re going to make a joke of your own system and put your lives in the hands of negligent assholes, you will get what you deserve. … You’re humiliating yourself.” Mike Mills of added, “It’s horrible. I think it’s a misuse of the California political system, and I think they’re gonna end up with some really crappy, stupid governor they’re gonna really regret in a year and a half. … It’s just disgusting. It’s more Republican politics. The Republicans do not care. They will do whatever they have to do to win.” The full story, including comments by Joe Satriani and ’s Matt Winter, has since been removed at

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