Robin Tunney Recounts Meeting Tommy Lee At Sundance

‘Prison Break’ star Robin Tunney visited ‘Last Call with Carson
Daly’ on Friday (March 3), where the actress discussed running into Tommy
Lee at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and how women were
throwing themselves at the Motley Crue drummer. Read on for a brief transcript.

Robin: Yeah, I mean, it’s about hanging out with tommy lee, which I
did. I was afraid I was going to catch a venereal disease.

Carson: Did you shoot a video?

[ Laughter ]

Robin: I was, like, within ten feet of him.

Carson: Okay, let’s all slow down here.

[ Laughter ] We’re saying a lot of crazy stuff like venereal disease
and I want to hear about that.

Robin: Okay, you know, tommy lee, I know he’s famous.

Carson: What does tommy lee have to do with sundance? He was there?

Robin: He was there. I partied near him. Very near. I’m there and I’m
thinking, “okay, he’s kind of old. He probably doesn’t have, like, the
same mojo going.” There were women. First of all, it takes a committed
slut to dress that way when it’s ten degrees below zero.

Carson: Wow.

Robin: Like, there were women in micro-minis.

Carson: Yes.

Robin: There’s snow on the ground.

Carson: First of all, does he have a film in sundance or something?

Robin: I saw a woman spanking herself to try to get closer to tommy.

Carson: More on that.

[ Laughter ]

Robin: She was spanking herself.

Carson: Okay. Let’s just slow down here for a second. Let’s all — let’s
just really take a second and slow down.

Robin: Tommy lee.

Carson: This is robin tunney, everybody.

[ Cheers and applause ] She’s on the show. Thank you. She’s on the show
“prison break” on fox and she was at sundance. And sundance is a great
film festival and it does great work for the independent movies.

Robin: It’s about independent film.

Carson: And it’s an important week for motion picture and for actors
and for sort of a counter-cultural anti-hollywood thing. It’s a very, very
important week.

Robin: And it provides a platform for independent cinema.

Carson: And they give away a lot of free crap.

Robin: Yes.

Carson: As you saw, robin scored away with — I went into the tent where
you get all the free —

Robin: Did you get a washer and dryer?

Carson: No, this is all I got. I got the last one. I got robert redford.

Robin: Oh, you got robert redford!

[ Laughter and applause ]

Carson: Yeah, I got the last one. But apparently, this year, as you’re
saying, tommy lee, who was not in a film — he was just there partying
for the week like so many young hollywood idiots go there. Not tommy lee.
He’ll kill me with his junk.

[ Laughter ] Go there just to make — to have a party. And why was everybody
so infatuated with tommy lee?

Robin: I think women are very attracted to him because of that tape
that got out.

(previous guest) Howie Mandel: Who doesn’t love boating?

Carson: Yeah.

Robin: Yes.

Carson: That’s right.

Robin: He’s yachting in it.

[ Laughter ] You know, I’m not sure what the — he had his reality show
and these women wanted to be close to him.

Carson: They were spanking themselves? In what sort of manner?

Robin: Hard. She was spanking herself hard. And it didn’t look like
the first time she’d done it.

Carson: Was she trying to get in to be near him?

Robin: Yes, there was a rope that was sort of the vip section. But you’re
in the same place, it was just a rope.

Carson: Right.

Robin: And there was a line of women that were sort of auditioning to
be slutty enough to be near tommy lee.

Carson: To get to be a part of his harem in the night club.

Robin: Yeah and he had like six women deep on either side. I mean, it’s
working for this guy. He’s got it.

Carson: I’ve seen the video. It is.

Robin: Woof! I haven’t seen it.

Carson: You haven’t seen the video?

Robin: I haven’t seen it and I actually felt better that I hadn’T.

Carson: How do we describe the video to robin?

Howie: It’s like a boat safety kind of video.

[ Laughter ] He’s always honking the horn, if you know what I mean.

[ Laughter and applause ]

Carson: Yeah, that’s what it’s like. Yeah.

Robin: Yeah, so that was my sundance.

Carson: That was your sundance.

Howie: That’s kind of an independent film.

Carson: Yeah, that is. There was a few independent films made that night.

Robin: Exactly.

Carson: With tommy lee.

Robin: Yeah, made a lot of money.

Carson: Leave it to tommy to go somewhere and have a good time.

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