Robin Finck Doesn’t Want To Discuss ‘Chinese Democracy’ Release Date

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Robin Finck has posted the following message on his official web site: “To be clear, the request to refrain from emailing me about Guns N’ Roses is not a diss to you or to the band or to anyone. I simply am not eager to instigate that conversation until an official release date for the album is made public. Otherwise, I’d go a little nutzo tossing ‘I dunnos’ and ‘can’t quite says’ in every direction. I trust you may understand. There will most certainly be a time to embrace this new ship. Let’s first allow it to launch from the pad in all its glory. I look forward to such a time. What is real is that I am alive and inspired and look forward to sharing this new chapter with you. Thank you for your support and for your enthusiasm along this long and winding off-road trek. Each email to me personally is gratefully received.”

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