Rob Zombie Says Joke Derailed ‘Corpses’ Deal With MGM

MTV News spoke with on word that his much-delayed ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ is again in limbo after MGM backed out of financing the film, just after Zombie joked to Ben Affleck on MTV Movie House, “Apparently they have no morals over there. They’re happy for some blood.” Zombie explains, “MGM got wind of it and got so pissed off they shut us down the next day. We went into editing, and they were like, ‘Get out.’ … They went berserk. And literally, they never called me or any of the producers. They had assistants call the editing room and they were like, ‘Get out.’ It was over in a second, we couldn’t get any resolve on it. It was very strange.” MGM denied they even had a deal with Zombie on the film saying, “We were in negotiations, let’s put it that way, or we were thinking about it.” Read more.

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