Rob Zombie: I’m Not A Sell-Out

has lashed out the people who have suggested that his new single, ‘Foxy Foxy’ is an attempt at a more commercialized sound in order to appease his record company. “Let me set the record straight,” he writes. “Most things don’t bother me, but this does. In response to people inplying that ‘the record label made me write ‘Foxy Foxy’ in order to to sell more records or whatever.’ That is total bullsh**. The record label never has and never will make me do anything. If you hate the song, fine, but I am the one responsible for you hating it. Not the label. So blame me.”

“It’s funny how nothing ever changes. I remember the first tour for ‘La Sexorcisto’, fans were screaming ‘You suck!’ ”Thunder Kiss ’65’ is gay!’ ‘You sold out!’ Then guess what — the same thing happened on the next record… ”More Human Than Human’ is gay!’ ‘You guys suck now!’


“I do what I do, same as I always have. If you don’t like it, well, then don’t listen to it.

“What can I tell ya?”

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