Rob Zombie Has No Anxiety About ‘Corpses’ Release

Rolling Stone caught up with to question him about his ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’ that finally is getting its release. Asked if he had any anxieties about the reception of the flick, more than an album release, Rob said, “It’s a weird movie and I already know how it’s going to be perceived. There’s only going to be two kinds of reactions: people who love it and people who fu**ing hate it. Which I guess is good. Because there’s nothing worse than, ‘Hey, it’s alright.’ I’d rather have somebody absolutely hate it, because at least it’s a reaction. But there’s no real anxiety. I feel like I’ve won on every level I wanted to win on. It’s this weird horror movie and it works on the level it’s supposed to work on. And I think some people will dig it. The funny thing is the people who are liking it the most are the people who don’t like horror movies. I think it’s because the movie is quirky and weird and character driven, and they thought it was going to be one, two, three, slash ’em up.” has since removed the article.

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