Rob Thomas On Matchbox Twenty’s ‘Rodney’ Label

Rob Thomas of chatted with Steppin’ Out magazine’s Chaunce Hayden, who asked him to comment on a recent People magazine piece that labeled the group “the Rodney Dangerfield of pop/rock bands.” Thomas laughed, “It sounds like I should be offended! But I guess I can’t be offended if it’s funny. Sometimes it actually does seem like that. I think it’s kind of a disservice to our fans if that’s our position in life. But our fans don’t feel that way. They come to see us play and they love our music. So I would never say that’s our place. But sometimes that does seem to be the case with us. Especially by the end of the first record we were the whipping boy for a while. I remember I opened up a Rolling Stone article about Everclear’s new record. It article said it was a little poppier then the first record but it was still good. ‘But it beats Matchbox Twenty any day!’ (Yells) I couldn’t believe the reporter was trashing us and it wasn’t even our article! At least if you’re going to trash us make sure you’re writing about us! But I’m 31 years old now. How upset am I going to get over somebody who writes something bad about me who doesn’t even know me?”

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