Rob Bourdon Provides Linkin Park Update

drummer Rob Bourdon just e-mailed an update to fans. “What’s up Linkin Park Fans,” Bourdon writes. “I know it’s been a long time since we’ve had a chance to see you guys face to face. I miss playing shows and look forward to seeing all you of you in mid-late ’06.”

“We have been writing new songs for the next LP album for the last three months or so. We have been working in pairs out of our home studios and trading ideas with each other every few weeks. Now that we have a bunch of material, we are going to head into a pre-production studio where we will all be working together. We have three separate rooms to work out of at the studio, which is really cool because we can still work individually if we need to. I personally like taking song ideas and working on the drums for a while on my own before letting the other guys hear what I have come up with. Songs can be passed around from room to room so each of us can add in our part. Since we are all there together we can help each other to develop each of our parts and create the best songs possible. It is the ultimate creative environment for how we write music, since we write by recording into a computer, not by jamming together. We currently have around 50 rough ideas for songs, which will be narrowed down to about 15 when we enter the recording studio. We are very excited about the work we have done so far, and working hard to get it done so you guys can hear it. Look for more info on our new album in the coming months on

As I’m sure you already know, Mike is doing his own solo project Fort Minor. It’s different than LP’s music as it is a hip-hop album. ‘The Rising Tied’ is an incredible album. I think it’s one of the best albums of the year, and I’m not just saying that because Mike is my friend. Mike’s been incredibly busy because not only has he been promoting his Fort Minor album and writing with us for the upcoming LP album, but he’s about to go out on the road for a US & Canada tour, as well as International touring in Taiwan and Thailand (with 50 Cent) and headlining shows in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. Our own Machine Shop artist Holly Brook who sings on the Fort Minor track ‘Where’d You Go’ will be joining him to perform that song live on the road for all the US/Canada dates. Not only will the Fort Minor Militia fan club get chances to meet them out on tour at meet & greets, we’re also inviting the LPU members of Linkin Park’s fan club to participate in these meet & greets and presales for all the shows. Check out the Fort Minor Media Player for tour date info and to view Fort Minor videos for ‘Remember the Name’ and ‘Petrified’.”

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