Rivers Cuomo Steps Out Of Lead Singer Role On New Weezer LP

Fox News Channel’s Adam Housely spoke with about the band’s latest album ‘Weezer’, which was a more democratic process than their previous efforts. The band members all contributed on songwriting and lead vocals. “I got to step out of the lead singer role, and got to go back and play drums, and see what that’s like, and that’s a whole different set of pressures,” Rivers Cuomo said. “The whole band and the producer, everyone’s sitting there waiting for you to get the take right, and no one can move on until you get your take right on the drums. So that was interesting to see things from Pat’s prospective.” Watch the video below.

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One thought on “Rivers Cuomo Steps Out Of Lead Singer Role On New Weezer LP

  1. opa says:

    Weezer is awesome, they make the coolest video. Modern rock bands should learn a thing or two.

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