Rivers Cuomo Explains Why He Doesn’t Screw Groupies

frontman Rivers Cuomo provided interesting info on her personal life to Rolling Stone magazine. “I became frustrated with the groupie situation,” Rivers explained. “It just feels unethical to be with fans. I feel like I’m a psychologist and they’re my clients. When we’re on tour, I try to find a massage parlor wherever we go. It’s become a ritual – wandering around the seedy district at three in the morning, searching for some action. I prefer the full body massage with a ‘happy ending’. It can start to feel kind of empty after a while, but you can meet some really cool people. A lot of times it’s the older ladies I really like – they have this nice maternal vibe. The reason I started with the prostitutes was solely to work on my negotiating skills. Once I mastered negotiating with a naked woman asking me for money, dealing with Interscope was a piece of cake.”

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