Right Winger Johnny Ramone Scolded Lefty Eddie Vedder

Johnny Ramone scolded his friend Eddie Vedder after the singer impaled a mask of President Bush and slammed it to the stage at a Denver concert last April. “I got serious with him and told him that he was alienating people,” Johnny tells the Washington Times. “And I got him to see the point.” The guitarist for the legendary has always been an ideological outcast in the left-leaning world of rock. The NRA-supporting Johnny calls Ronald Reagan “the greatest president of my lifetime,” listens to Rush Limbaugh and Michael Medved on the radio, and watches ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ every night.

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One thought on “Right Winger Johnny Ramone Scolded Lefty Eddie Vedder

  1. Rockfan says:

    Johnny Ramone is a legend but Reagan was a criminal. Vedder loved Johnny to death and Eddie has stated many times including on VH1’s Storytellers when asked how does he feel about the fans who have different ideologies than Pearl Jam does………….he said “Fu** Em”!

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