Rider Management Responds To Amy Lee Lawsuit

Attorney Bert Deixler, who represents Dennis Rider and Rider Management — the former personal manager of singer Amy Lee — has issued the following response to Lee’s lawsuit against his client for breach of fiduciary duty, professional negligence, conversion, sexual assault and battery, and other claims:

“Rider Management and Dennis Rider have fully performed all of the duties and obligations owed by the firm under the management agreement to Ms. Lee and Evanescence. Further, Mr. Rider has always conducted himself by the highest professional standards and conducted his business relationships with Ms. Lee in a transparent, appropriate and entirely legal fashion. That she would now suggest otherwise is appalling and untrue.”

“Ms. Lee is very creative in writing lyrics to a song. But now she is creating a version of reality that simply has no basis in fact and she knows that. Dennis Rider’s guidance of Evanescence and Ms. Lee’s personal career has made her a rock and roll celebrity worldwide and wealthy beyond her dreams. That she would now turn on him, make such spurious and groundless allegations and summarily dismiss him is illegal and disappointing beyond words.”

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