Richie Sambora Under Fire For Wearing U.S. Flag

Gregg Easterbrook of went on the attack against ’s Richie Sambora at halftime of the Giants-Niners opener, broadcast on ESPN. Sambora took the stage with an American flag wrapped around his waist, which offended Easterbrook. “Now maybe somewhere in Richie Sambora’s fuzzy cranial cavity the idea of wearing an American flag seemed like a 9/11 gesture,” Easterbrook said. “Or maybe it seemed like a way to get attention. Or maybe Richie Sambora was trying to tell us he thinks the American flag can kiss his butt. At any rate, this was a huge violation of flag protocol, and TMQ was distressed that the ESPN announcers said nothing, gushing about Bon Jovi while pretending the flag-on-the-butt wasn’t happening.” has since removed the article.

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