Richard Patrick Updates Fans

frontman Richard Patrick has posted the following message to the ‘Rich’s Words’ section of the group’s official web site: “Holy sh**, it’s been awhile [since I’ve last written] but I apologize – as always I’ve been a busy man. A lot of stuff has been going on behind the scenes. I just finished working with [former Limp Bizkit guitarist] Wes Borland, [Nine Inch Nails drummer] Danny Lohner and [A Perfect Circle drummer] Josh Freese. The four of us have been working together on a project called The Damning Well and we’re contributing one song to the soundtrack for the upcoming movie ‘Underworld’. The song came out great and I really like the way my voice sounded with all those guys, they are definitely some talented fu**in’ musicians! It’s interesting because I had never met Josh Freese because his drum tracks were done before I got to the studio, but I had always admired his work, so it was pretty cool. I also did some stuff with The Crystal Method which might not come out ’till later on some soundtrack, and as always I’m still making sure to work on new Filter sh**. I gotta tell ya, things are great, it’s been nothing but good clean living and some seriously loud motherfu**in’ rock music!”

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