Richard Patrick Updates Fans

frontman Richard Patrick has posted the following message to the ‘Rich’s Words’ section of the group’s official web site: “Holy sh**, it’s been awhile [since I’ve last written] but I apologize – as always I’ve been a busy man. A lot of stuff has been going on behind the scenes. I just finished working with [former Limp Bizkit guitarist] Wes Borland, [Nine Inch Nails drummer] Danny Lohner and [A Perfect Circle drummer] Josh Freese. The four of us have been working together on a project called The Damning Well and we’re contributing one song to the soundtrack for the upcoming movie ‘Underworld’. The song came out great and I really like the way my voice sounded with all those guys, they are definitely some talented fu**in’ musicians! It’s interesting because I had never met Josh Freese because his drum tracks were done before I got to the studio, but I had always admired his work, so it was pretty cool. I also did some stuff with The Crystal Method which might not come out ’till later on some soundtrack, and as always I’m still making sure to work on new sh**. I gotta tell ya, things are great, it’s been nothing but good clean living and some seriously loud motherfu**in’ rock music!”

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