Reznor Blasts Dylan And Zeppelin Over Commercial Deals

Trent Reznor has accused Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin of selling out their principles by allowing their music to be used in TV commercials. Asked by a fan via the web site how he feels about legendary artists such as Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin selling their songs for TV commercials, the frontman replied, “If an artist owns the controlling rights of their music, then it’s their decision to do what they please. I wonder if Dylan could understand the sinking, hollow feeling I had when I heard his music in that context. How much money does Led fu**ing Zeppelin need? Do they realize (or care) that when you hear their track now, you visualize a shi**y car whizzing by? Do they understand the significance of what their music once held for people — or is it really all about how many units you can sell and commerce at any cost?”

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