Revolution Mother’s Vallely Checks In Before Album Release

Mike Vallely of Revolution Mother posted the following update for fans on the band’s Myspace page on Monday (June 25):

Hello all. Well, tomorrow is the big day. Revolution Mother’s debut full-length CD “Glory Bound” hits stores everywhere. This is the moment Jason Hampton (Rev Mutha guitarist) and I have been waiting for since we formed Mike V And The Rats back in 2001. We did the miles, we cut our teeth out on the road and in the studio and we grew and evolved as musicians. “Glory Bound” is the result of all of our efforts over the past six years and we truly feel this is a recording we can stand behind and support. We believe we have made the best record we were capable of making at the time and it’s a good feeling. I truly feel this is current music and music that will also stand the test of time. Never have I been so excited about a project, music or otherwise. This is my best effort on or off my skateboard. That’s right, I feel this record is the best work I’ve done since I picked up a skateboard and discovered punk rock music some 23 years ago. It seems like my whole life has been directed towards this moment and now here it is. Tomorrow, June 26, 2007 “Glory Bound” is released and it feels good.

Now the trick is to get this music in front of as many eyes and ears as possible. So, we hit the road this Friday on the Warped Tour for a summer of gigging all over North America. I will also be skating at each stop of the tour. This will easily be the funnest summer of my life to date. Skating, music and traveling from city to city with my friends and band mates. I’m living my dreams every day. And you have to know I plan on hitting it hard and with real intensity day in and day out and living in the moment every step of the way. Revolution Mother will be playing two sets a day on the tour and I will be skating once and doing two autograph signings daily. I hope to see you all out there. Please come out, check out the band and say hello… I look forward to meeting you all.

Also, if you’re a Sirius subscriber, I will be doing daily and weekly updates on Sirius Faction 28 from the road. So, please tune in for those. You can find out more info on that here. And if you’re not a subscriber, now is a good time to join and spend a summer with me on the road via satellite radio.

Now, scrounge some money together and go out and buy “Glory Bound” on Tuesday. I personally guarantee you won’t be disappointed and that this will be a record you can spin over and over again for many years to come. And if you live in Southern California come on out to FYE in Torrance at 7 PM on Tuesday and hang with me and the band and get your CD signed. We’d love to see you out there.

Thank you.


— Mike V

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