Reuters Chats With Steriogram

Steriogram vocalist Tyson Kennedy spoke with Reuters about how an Auckland, New Zealand band views the importance of their live shows. “I think it’s a huge part of what we’ve got to do, is to show people that we’re not a pop band, we’re not a one-hit wonder or whatever, and the best way that we can think of is just being the best that we can be live – that’s the biggest thing that we’re into is touring and playing night adter night, years and years like we’ve done, really have a great show,” he said. “And I think it takes time as well, I don’t think we can expect to be – to have a whole lot of credibility straight away – after being on the radio you know, it may take a few albums, it’s all about us working hard and being innovative with our music.” has since removed the video.

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