Resident Hero React To Universal Republic’s ‘Dissatisfactory’ Review

Resident Hero frontman Ryan White checked in with fans on the Los Angeles rock act’s MySpace blog on Friday (January 30), reacting to negative news in their quest to get a record deal. White writes:

Know we’ll always be honest with you. For better or worse.

I just made my round of phonecalls. I heard Jay’s voice turn under my information, I heard Luke trying to take the burden onto himself. I heard my mother’s familiar sweet cooing of comfort that she’s used to giving.

Apparently we have nothing but radio hits and I’m an amazing songwriter.

Sounds like a setup for an offer, wouldn’t you agree?

Apparently our “presentation” was dissatisfactory. Thanks for your time Universal Republic.
What does that mean? For once our live show lost us a deal? Hilarious.

I was informed I’m an amazing writer and should write for other artists. I should help young bands get to the “next level.” No thank you. I’ll keep my heart in my chest where it belongs.

For the record we kicked ass. I’m proud of my boys. We caved the roof in with “radio hits”.

It’s been a long year. I feel very tired.

Love you all. Thank you for being our champions.


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