R.E.M. Re-Introduce Themselves

Scott Wilson of the Kansas City Pitch spoke with bassist Mike Mills about the band’s image and position in today’s music scene. “I’d like to be on MTV and VH1,” Mills admits. “When MTV shows videos, they’re short-attention-span theater over there. But videos are important commercials, and you can make them cool. [Warner Bros., R.E.M.’s label] went through a long period of difficulty, when they behaved like corporate idiots. For a few years, it was a poorly run corporation. They seem to have their ducks in a row now. The only time I really listen to old stuff is when we relearn them live. But they all stand outfor one reason or another, because we’re really good songwriters. One reason we’re doing [a best-of] is to reintroduce ourselves to people who haven’t thought about R.E.M. for a while. And honestly, it makes the company happy. People are going to assume that we don’t have something fresh. I trust people to make up their own minds.” Read more.

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