R.E.M. Just A.O.K.

Jane Stevenson of the Toronto Sun was on hand at the concert at Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Tuesday (September 30), rating the show 3 1/2 stars out of 5. Stevenson writes, “Playing in front of a three-quarters capacity crowd, pegged at 10,000 by promoters, it took the group a good six songs in — with 1986’s ‘Fall On Me’ — before they got a decent response from the audience. And even then the vibe seemed oddly flat despite Stipe’s theatrical presence — highlighted by his green raccoon eyes makeup and non-stop poses — and a stage that included sparkly, multi-colored, silk-screened panels as a backdrop and three red-neon letters that spelled out the word ‘LUV’.” Canoe.ca has since removed the article.

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