Raised Fist Take It Easy

Australia’s Time Off magazine caught up with bassist Andreas ‘Josse’ Johansson, who shared what has kept the Swedish rockers inspired for 13 years and counting. “I think it’s just the fact that we don’t do too much, we just do what we like to do and the things we think might be fun to do,” Josse explained. “So we don’t rehearse every day; we rehearse maybe twice every four years. So it’s really not often. We don’t overdo it, we just take it easy. And when we’re gonna release a CD, we make songs for the CD, then we record it, then we release it. Then after that when we’re supposed to tour we do that. But in between we don’t rehearse all the time. So I guess it’s not over-doing it that keeps us alive.”

The full interview at beat.com.au has since been removed.

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