Raging Slab’s Greg Strzempka Gives Axl Insight

Metal-Sludge.com talked to Raging Slab’s Greg Strzempka where he revealed details of a backstage sound check saying, “During sound check, Axl would make EVERYBODY leave the venue while he did his ‘vocal check’ – ( and I mean everybody, including the rest of his band! ).”

“Being naturally curious, one time we managed to stow away behind some road cases. When the great man was assured the coast was clear, he was led onto the stage by a couple of ‘handlers’ and after some yelling at the soundman, and checking the positioning of his telepromters, he proceeded to trot around the room with a cordless mic -JUST a-wailing these phony-baloney blues scats. And then began singing ‘Live and Let Die’ ACCAPELLA-!We we’re finally discovered because we were laughing so hard we almost pissed ourselves. Needless to say Axl’s people were VERY upset with us. Anyhow, having us open was Slash’s idea, and he always made damn sure we felt right at home. And thanks to him, it was the only time we didn’t run out of backstage booze!”

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