Radiohead Fan Site Gets $550 Bill From Lawyer

In a message posted on fan site, the site’s operators reveal a lawyer is charging them for services rendered to EMI after the site posted live-recordings from Radioheads Berlin gig (11. Sept. 2001) on their site for download. The site explains, “They set a deadline of three days to delete all MP3s. Unfortunately we did not receive this letter or e-mail. As a reaction EMI contacted a lawyer who sent us a letter, which we actually received. We immdediately deleted all files and directories. Still the lawyer now asks for 550,42 Euros (equal amount in US-Dollars) of expenses. May this action be legally founded or net, we do not understand it. This page is a non commercial site made by fans for fans – and it was always our intention to support the band and not harm it! 550 Euros might be ‘peanuts’ for a record company, but its certainly not for us!” As of Saturday, they had raised 457 Euros.

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