Radio 1 Documentary: Kurt & Me

frontman and reluctant rock icon Kurt Cobain tragically took his own life ten years ago this week but a decade after the band’s premature end, the legacy lives on. Fans around the world, of all ages, still love Nirvana. Radio 1 competition winner and dedicated Nirvana fan, Daniel Sasto, made a poignant personal journey to Seattle, the home of grunge, to find out about Kurt first hand. As a fitting tribute, Dan meets people who knew and worked with Kurt, including producer Jack Endino, former band member Chad Channing and a special meeting with Kurt’s grandfather, Leland Cobain. Beginning where Kurt’s story ended, he pays respect to the Nirvana frontman at the bench shrine outside the old family home, moved by fans’ graffiti from every corner of the globe. Listen to the 30-minute documentary here.

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