Quarashi Perform On Last Call With Carson Daly

were Last Call with Carson Daly on Monday night (early Tuesday morning technically). They had a bit of small talk getting the same Iceland quizzing that they are probably sick of by now. They then performed ‘Stick ‘Em Up’ and Mr. Jinx. For a transcript of the group’s brief chat with Carson, read on.

Carson: We’re here with quarashi from iceland. What kind of music
is big on the radio in iceland that influences a sort of hip-hop sound
that you have?

Quarashi: I don’t know.

[ Light laughter ]

Quarashi: I don’t know.

Carson: I just — we think — here in America, I think we just — we
think Iceland, we just, I don’t know. Bjork, like, comes to mind.

Quarashi: We got the same music back home as in America.

Carson: Right. Are there any bands that you guys are, you know, excited
to just, I guess, see play here in the states?

Quarashi: Mighty mighty bosstones.

Carson: Bosstones?

Quarashi: Yeah. But we don’t know 90% of the stuff that’s out there.

Carson: Right.

Quarashi: There’s all this american punk thing.

Carson: Do you guys like punk? Did you guys grow up with a lot punk

Quarashi: Yeah. Solvi and I were in a really bad punk band. Yeah.

Carson: You like the american chicks, enough of this B.S.

[ Light laughter ]

Quarashi: Yeah. We’ve seen some nice chicks.

Carson: So far so good, right?

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