Quarashi Explain Their Music And Whale Eating

Jason Pepe of Zero magazine talks with in the current issue. As for the guys being from Iceland and playing a rap-rock sound, band member Solvi Blondal said, “You know, it’s such a global culture. You know, rap music is like rock music–rap music is evolving just like rock music did. It (rock) was born in America and now it’s part of a global culture. Rap music is not anything different. Basically for us, this is the type of music I’ve been listening to since I was 15 years old, so it came totally natural to me to start doing this stuff. It was only coincidence that we decided to rap in English and not in Icelandic. Even though we live in Igloos doesn’t mean we don’t have stereos.”

As for the band adhering to the Icelandic tradition of eating whale blubber, he said, “We eat a lot of whale. We suck on the fat yes. We don’t eat seals too much because we find them revolting. There are these two months a year in Iceland where people only eat whale, shark and seals. They drink a burning wine. The only thing that you are allowed to eat are whales, sharks and sheep balls as well.”

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