Q&A With Whitesnake’s Coverdale

’s official website has added an interview with frontman David Coverdale, where he discussed his shoulder injury and its effect on the band’s tour. “A couple of weeks into the tour… around my 53rd birthday… I was onstage in Copenhagen, kicking substantial arse… when I felt something rather uncomfortable happen in my right shoulder,” he expained. “Oh dear, I thought… What’s this???… After seeing an abundance of specialists I was diagnosed as having tendonitis… and, of course, the preferred treatment is rest… & more rest… Not much hope of that during a tour! Rather than cancel the tour, I decided to try & ‘accommodate’ the injury, & adapt my performance around it… which of course meant not quite as much mike stand tossing, if you’ll excuse the expression.”

The interview at whitesnake.com has since been removed.

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