Q&A With Sugarcult Frontman

Dan Aquilante of the New York Post interviewed Tim Pagnotta, Sugarcult’s 27-year-old lead singer and mastermind, and asked him how meaningful money is with the group’s financial success. “Look at it this way: I have the money to buy a nice house, but if I am always on tour, I wouldn’t be there,” he said. “Getting a seat on the emergency row on a plane is more important to me because that means I can stretch my legs out and have enough room for my computer so I can go online and talk to my family.” And his home state is also apparently more important. “I have a tattoo of California on my butt,” he said. “California has a real sense of identity about it. It’s in my music, but it’s more of an attitude than any one sound. It’s something I think about.” The full transcript at nypost.com has since been removed.

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