Q&A With Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon

Mikael Wood of the Cleveland Scene did a Q&A with ’s Kim Gordon, who discussed the group’s latest effort ‘Murray Street’, which sees the group striking a nice balance between noise and melody, or structure and improvisation. “Sometimes people are really under the impression that we go out onstage and half of it’s improvising, which really isn’t the case,” she explained. “There are some songs where there are certain sections that are looser, that are slightly different every night — there’s a structure there, but it’s allowed for that. But on this record, I think there’s only one song like that: The end of ‘Karen Revisited’ is like that. Within ‘Sympathy for the Strawberry’ there are also some parts where, you know, Jim [O’Rourke] brings the bass in at different points, but it’s always the same part. It’s just a matter of feeling it out.”

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