Q&A With Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien

Jane Stevenson of the Toronto Sun did a Q&A with guitarist Ed O’Brien and asked his thoughts on ‘Hail To The Thief’ being a major return to form, recalling the band’s critically acclaimed album ‘The Bends’. “I think that’s a fair point but I think it’s more about the energy,” O’Brien said. “When I heard ‘The Bends’ a year ago, having not heard it since we recorded it, I was struck by the energy. And it’s really powerful and you feel the energy of mid-20s, young, young men. And as you get older, obviously with men, it’s the thing that can go. And I think one of things that we’ve learned is the conservation of energy. Now when we do gigs, we don’t beat around all day going sightseeing. We’re just like, ‘rest, rest.’ You have to.” Read more.

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