Q&A With Pulley’s Blowers

Punknews.com caught up with Pulley guitarist Jim Blowers and asked if there were any seriously notable bands they’ve had the chance to play with that he’d never forget. “NOFX, yeah we toured with them and No Use For Name in Europe and that was my first European tours with them. And that is still, it stays in my mind as one of the best times that I’ve had playing music,” Blowers responded. “We had some music festivals to play I think we had four or five of them to play in different countries in Europe and it was with NOFX. I saw NOFX back in the 80’s and to see them rise to what they’ve gotten to. I love their music I am a big fan of their music and to play with them. To be able to walk out on these giant festival stages and sit up on the side or sit right behind Eric and watch him play drums while the rest of the band goes and just go- this is fu**ing awesome, this is the best. I am touring with a band that I am a fan of. I am a fan of Pulley, I still am. I was a fan before I ever got into the band and to get into Pulley was a big deal for me when I get to play with them. No Use For A Name and NOFX I love both of those bands, I’m a very musical person and I think both of those bands are incredible song writers, I think both of those bands Tony Sly, Fat Mike and whoever else is involved in that writing process they’re geniuses, they’re really strong.” Read more.

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