Q&A With Kix’s Steve Whiteman

The Herald-Mail of Hagerstown caught up with former Kix frontman Steve Whiteman for a Q&A, and asked why the group split in 1996. “’95, ’96, yeah. Basically, there was a new party in town and we weren’t invited, you know? We had run our course,” he said. “Our music and our whole genre of music just kind of got discarded. All the bands that we were out on the road with – the Cinderellas, the Guns ‘n Roses and all those bands – that whole genre of music just seemed to have gotten flushed. So there was a new sound in town; it was that Seattle thing, so when that came to town, everybody looked at us and went ‘Oh, you suck!’ so we just decided to take a break and see if it changed – and it never changed, so that was it.” Now, Whiteman fronts Funny Money, and other than occasional special reunion gigs, he doesn’t expect a Kix permanent reunion. Read more.

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