Q&A With I Am Kloot

I Am Kloot

LatitudeFestival.co.uk did a Q&A with ahead of the Latitude festival at the Word Arena in Cornwall, England mid July.

Q: Who is your “must see” performance at Latitude this year?
A: I hear Adam Buxton does a very good turn – gotta see that.

Q: Not including items used in your performance, what is your “must-have” festival item?
A: A skeleton key so i can get into the jcb digger that i sleep in every time I play Latitude.

Q: Do you have anything special planned for your performance at Latitude?
A: We are playing a lot of the songs from our last album, ‘Sky At Night’, and our band is an eight piece now instead of the usual three piece – looking forward to the bigger sound.

Q: If you could have anyone (dead or alive) to introduce you onstage who would it be (and why)?
A: Bill Hicks – a man of rare insight and a fearless attitude.

Q: If you have been to Latitude before what was your favorite memory, performance or special spot on site?
A: I enjoyed seeing Nick Cave get tangled in a guitar lead and without looking at it kicked it away as if he was being attacked by a snake. A delicious violence.

Q: Latitude is…
A: is the festival that all your bloody mates want a guest list for.

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