Q&A With Fear Factory’s Christian

guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers recently spoke to Planet-Loud.com about the songwriting process for the group’s new album, ‘Archetype’. “I just wrote some songs thinking what I would want to hear if I was in the pit,” he said. “A song like ‘Cyberwaste’ is like slam pit all the way. I wanted to bring that energy from when I was twenty one years old again… We wanted to put down some really heavy stuff. Especially with Burt’s vocals which, on the last two records weren’t the Burton C Bell that everyone knew. He had a lot of sh** to get out and it rubbed off and it turned him into a different singer. A radio song isn’t really what we wanted and it turned him into a different singer. Take a song like [the Gary Human cover] ‘Cars’, which we loved but we didn’t want to do as a single, and, next thing, someone went behind our back and it ended up on the album and the radio. We had lost control of our band. Everyone had control of the band except the band. It was such a destructive pattern for the band. Now we started from scratch, like the bottom up.”

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