Punk Rock Found Rancid

In the beginning, punk was about acceptance, and few bands have kept that spirit alive the way has over the last 12 years. “One of the things we say is that we didn’t find punk rock; punk rock sort of found us,” bassist Matt Freeman tells Jason Bracelin of the Cleveland Scene. “I was a freak kid, had no social skills, didn’t fit in anywhere until I started to go to punk shows. Then there was all these people who were as fu**ed up, or more fu**ed up than I was. It was sort of like ‘Wow, this is rad. I’m accepted here. I’m not a freak.’ I think punk rock is still about that. There’s always gonna be fu**ed-up kids that have some fu**ed-up sh** at home, or God knows what’s happened to them,” Freeman sighs. “Punk rock is a refuge from that.” The full story at clevescene.com has since been removed.

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