Puddle Of Mudd’s New Album Delayed

Puddle of Mudd guitarist Paul Phillips tells fans on the band’s official website that the group has pushed back the projected release date of their sophomore album, tentatively titled ‘Life Of Display’, to August. “Alright, I guess it is time to talk about us again. Well, I have good and bad news,” Phillips explained. “I think I’ll tell you the good first, because if I start with the bad, you might stop reading. So, here we go. All the music for the original 17 songs has been completed. Wes was actually just getting started on vocals. However, since we started recording, 3 new songs have been completed, and we feel that they need to be recorded. They may or may not make the cut, but if they come out good, it’s just more songs for all of you. So now the bad news. Recording new songs is gonna push the record back again. I think that we’re looking at mid to late August. I’m real sorry, but we really want to give you guys the best record possible. So, whether these songs make it or not, at least we’ll be able to have lots of options. Good things come to those who wait. Later.”

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