Puddle Of Mudd On TRL Friday

Puddle of Mudd stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to talk with host Carson Daly and perform their latest hit ‘She Hates Me’. The guys talked a bit about the new album and joked about how they’d sing the curse filled song on the air. Read on for a transcript of their brief chat.

Carson: I’m carson daly. ‘Nice to be here. I not here often but i love
being here and it is great to be here today my next guest, they are very
cool and I’m glad they are here let tease talk to them first say hi to
puddle of mudd.


Carson: What’s happenin’, fellas? What’s happenin’, bro didn’t get a
chance to see you geez, congratulations you just finished touring. Are
you thrilled it is over?

POM: You get a chance to, whatever, see family friends.

POM: Chillin’ out, writin’ new songs we’re in the studio right nond
the next record is going to be comin’ out in the near fult and, uh–.

Carson: Any early thoughts have you heard anything else or anything
you are influenced by piecing together the sounds of the new record are
you experimenting with new sounds or sort of —

POM: A lot of rawness, I can say that. there are be those ballads like
for the “blurry” fans but on the hole it is cool I’m happy about the raw

Carson: She Fu**ing hates me is huge i immediately grabbed it because
of the bad words.

Wes: Be careful what you say, man.

Carson: Is that the song you are gonna do today.

Wes: Uh-huh.

Carson: I know on radio they kinda beep it out or whatever is that gonna
be a problem today or what you are going to do, you are not going to say
the “f” man or.

POM: You guys can sing it for us; right.

Carson: They know the song


Carson: It’s a huge, huge song. In modern rock radio and everywhere
else but, uhm so I’m glad you are going to perform. We’ll let you get ready
for that. Always good to see you guys.

POM: You too.

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