Puddle Of Mudd Is Last Call First Band Guest

was the first band to perform on the new Last Call with Carson Daly show on Tuesday. The guys played ‘Control’ before chatting briefly with Carson where they had good things to say about their boss & frontman Fred Durst. Read on for a transcript to their chat.

>> Carson: What is it about that song that I like so much? I like, “control.” “Blurry” is great. “Drift and die” is the one that’s out now. But what is it about “blurry”?

>> It’s just a real song about a real situation in life, man. About, you know, my kid and missing him and stuff. So it just comes off real honest.

>> Carson: “Come clean” is a great record, too. We need more of that. There’s not enough rock that’s great. What was it? They’re signed to flawless, which is fred durst’s record label. Did you give a tape to a security guard or something?

>> Yeah. I went to a concert with a demo tape, and gave fred’s security arard a tape backstage on a fake backstage pass. And he called back a few weeks later —

>> carson: It’s a good know for all these stoners watching right now trying to get a record deal. [ Laughter ]

>> worked for us.

>> Carson: Yeah right? How’s he treating ya? Is he good? Is he all right? How’s fred treating ya?

>> Fred is the man. Yeah, man, he treats us very good. And we’re very happy to be working with him.

>> Carson: I’ll tell you what. You are my first band. And, not that it will be of any significance one day, but it means a lot to me, and i can’t thank you guys enough for being the first ones on this show.

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