Powderfinger’s Melding Of The Minds

Time Off magazine spoke with frontman Bernard Fanning, who admitted that it’s often a challenge for the band to come to terms with new material because of the personal dynamic of five members. “We have pretty different tastes in music and everyone pulls a different way,” Fanning explained. “On any given day one person might be more determined to shout louder than the rest, and that will be what ends up determining where the song goes. In the past I used to probably shout the loudest, and Cogs [drummer Jon Coghill] also. This time, to a much greater extent, there’s been less of that and probably more of the influence of Haugy [guitarist Ian Haug] and JC [bassist John Collins] in terms of how songs went. There was also a really pointed effort to steer away from [Fanning’s 2005 solo effort] ‘Tea & Sympathy’, and what that record was like. So I kind of just had to step back a little bit.” The article at timeoff.com.au has since been removed.

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