Powderfinger Have Low Expectations For U.S. Success


Dave DiMartino of Launch.com caught up with lead singer Bernard Fanning and guitarist/keyboardist Darren Middleton and asked the Australian rockers about their hopes to duplicate their home country success in the U.S. “We kinda try to keep our expectations really low,” Bernard said. “We always have, because I suppose when we first started and we were being told we were being released in Sweden and the U.K. and all these places, we said, ‘We’re just gonna take it as it comes.’ It’s kinda out of our hands at this stage, anyway. I think the only thing we can do is play really great shows. We’ve made the recording, the records company’s got it, they handle all the business side of it. All we have to do is play really great shows and not offend too many people, I suppose.”

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