Portugal. The Man Aren’t About The Money

Portugal. The Man

bassist Zachary Carothers spoke with The NJ Underground about the Alaska psychedelic rock group’s songwriting process, how they avoid getting burned out on the road, goals for the band, who they’d like to tour with, and their decision to sign with Atlantic Records. On the latter topic, Zachary said:

Obviously record sales have dropped a lot, but with technology there are so many new ways to promote and support bands and stuff like that. I think there is still a lot of smart people that those companies and they find ways to survive and the bands do too.

There is obviously not a ton of money left in it anymore, but that’s not what it’s really all about. It’s about playing music and I don’t care how many records we sell. I like to make them and go on tour, so as long as enough people keep coming to the shows to put gas in our van and food in our bellies we’re going to keep doing it.

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