Pond ‘Beard, Wives, Denim’ Out March 6th

Pond 'Beard, Wives, Denim'

A full stream of Pond’s new album ‘Beard, Wives, Denim’ is being offered by Hype Machine ahead of its March 6th release date. This is the fourth album from the Australian-based group, which includes members of Tame Impala. Check out the 13 tracks and listen to the album below.

‘Beard, Wives, Denim’ Track Listing:
1. Fantastic Explosion Of Time
2. When It Explodes
3. Elegant Design
4. Sorry I Was Under The Sky
5. Sun And Sea And You
6. Allergies
7. You Broke My Cool
8. Moth Wings
9. Leisure Pony
10. Mystery
11. Dig Brother
12. Eye Pattern Blindness
13. Moreno’s Blend

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