Police Deny David Lee Roth Intruder Story

A press release from former Van Halen frontman said he used a shotgun to stop an intruder at his California home over the weekend, but Launch.com reports that police say it really didn’t happen that way. The police report states that the trespasser and a neighbor of Roth’s, 47-year-old Charles Cooley, was apparently breaking the windows in his own home – which is near Roth’s – when neighbors called the police. When they arrived they couldn’t find anyone at Cooley’s house, but they heard two men arguing nearby. The police traced the voices to Roth’s estate and asked him to open his security gates. They entered the scene and found Roth standing on a second-floor balcony pointing at Cooley, who was lying flat on the lawn below him. There is no mention in the police report of Roth holding a shotgun on Cooley. The full story at yahoo.com has since been removed.

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