P.O.D. On Total Request Live

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to talk with Quddus about tomorrow’s MTV Video Music Awards, where they’re up for four awards. The group talked about what they might be wearing, their DVD coming out, and more. Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: Please welcome P.O.D.!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Quddus: Let’s chill. Let’s chill. For a second. All right.

P.O.D.:  Keep it up, come on!

[ Cheers and applause ]Quddus: We were just talking back stage about
how many noise these kids make. We can’t even hears ourselves think. I
got to say congratulations to you guys for being tomorrownated for six
vmas. That’s huge. You guys are tied with eminem and nelly. How does it
feel? Great.

P.O.D.:  Great, man.

P.O.D.:  Amazing, amazing.

Quddus: It’s cool to be acknowledged for your work.

P.O.D.:  We’ve been doing this a long time, and now when things
come around, it’s a good feeling.

P.O.D.:  I hope you don’t get stiff, because she was up for a —

P.O.D.:  That’s right.

Quddus: I’m seriously pulling for you guys. I think you guys will do
tomorrow night, man. I should mention the categories. The video live is
up for best video of the year, the best group video, viewers choice, best
direction and special special effects T. Nation is up for rest rock video.
What went through your heads when you found out? What went through your
heads when you found out about all the nominations?

P.O.D.:  I think we were in virginia.

P.O.D.:  Virginia beach.

P.O.D.:  We were sitting there all tired. I had my laundry bag,
i had to turn into my laundry, and we got the news.

P.O.D.:  We had to clean his banana hammock.

P.O.D.:  I’m not supposed to tell nobody about that. Damn.

Quddus: Put you on blast right there. That’s cool. But did you flash,
man, thing think, all these years is paying often. Did you think about
all the people involved and your team and dakota.

P.O.D.:  Of course.

P.O.D.:  We looked at each other and I’m like, dood, 12 years we’ve
been together. Congratulations, sonny

P.O.D.:  We just hugged each other.

P.O.D.:  It was a trip.

P.O.D.:  I’m really proud of you guys.

P.O.D.:  Thank you.

Quddus: You guys aren’t exactly known for your armani suits. So I’m
wondering if you guys are going to dress up.

P.O.D.:  We’re being in black.

P.O.D.:  Buy something black.

P.O.D.:  We wear what we wear. T-shirts.

P.O.D.:  I’m going to go large. I’m going to buy me a brand new
a arc a t-shirt. Some dices.

Quddus: Cool, cool.

P.O.D.:  Maybe we’ll go chili pepper style.

P.O.D.:  Wear some socks.

P.O.D.:  We’ll see. Maybe we’ll get crazy.

Quddus: We’ll have more P.O.D. After your no. 5 request, vanessa carlton,
“ordinary day”

[ Cheers and applause ]

Quddus: You just mentioned to me that’s the first time you’ve seen that
video. What do you think of avril lavigne?

P.O.D.:  Vanessa is good.

Quddus: She’s said set to do a duet with moby.

P.O.D.:  Maybe we’ll hook something up.

Quddus: You and Vanessa. You guys got a lot going up. You just wrapped
up shooting your new video, “satellite,” which is the album. Going triple
times platinum. Congratulations to that. And we’re going to premiere that
video next week. And you rereadingsed a dvd/cd yesterday. Why did you guys
decide to release the album?

P.O.D.:  I think we got competitive. We got statistics showing
that our record got loun loaded a million and a half to two million times
so we’re going to do — we’re saying what are we going to do to make people
buy this dvd. So we added some film foughtage. Remixes.

Quddus: Remixes of — could we get him some water? You’ve got a dry
mouth, right. You remixed the three singles and you had the dvd footage
of you guys touring in europe, right?

P.O.D.:  Germany.

Quddus: You guys will be rocking as part of the mtv rock ‘n roll hall
of fame.

P.O.D.:  Tonight, so you gotta watch it.

Quddus: Do we have a footage of this?

P.O.D.:  We’re going straight to cleveland to do t

P.O.D.:  We’re going straight to cleveland to do this.

Quddus: Sonny is all sweaty.

P.O.D.:  That was a good time.

P.O.D.:  So that’s how we look.

Quddus: Do you guys prefer rocking out in a huge venue like that as
opposed to an intimate setting?

P.O.D.:  That’s kind of small. The tv makes it look bigger than

Quddus: That’s nice.

P.O.D.:  Ozzfest is huge. You’re got chairs. Everybody just kind
of sits there and you have the old school rockers checking you out. But
shows like that are intimate. You can touch people. People jump off the
stage. It’s a good time.

Quddus: Very cool. Fellas, glad advantage you for real.

P.O.D.:  Thanks for having us cheep.

Quddus: I hope you guys take home a couple awards tomorrow

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